WESTAR Architects is guided by a strong belief in a contemporary design aesthetic cradled in a contextual matrix. There is a vivid awareness of the role of architecture in the creation of space, be it physical or conceptual. Within the space created, people interact physically and emotionally to the perceived environment with all senses. It is through the use of light, color, texture and sound that form is perceived and it is our responsibility to shape form with these tools. We are able to create memorable and lasting architectural interventions that will define the experiences of space and foster human interaction.


Within the scope of human experience, architecture achieves its relevance, its context; it is that context that generates a true sense of Place. That relevance, context is a direct response to the environmental, social and cultural design parameters in which it is set. In this way there is a lasting architectural narrative generated marking a time and significance in the development of the culture creating it.



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Patrick J. Klenk
AIA, LEED AP BD+C - President

Paul Heretakis
RA - Vice-President

Mark Stearns
Production Manager/Project Manager

Cheryl Felske
Senior Project Manager

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